What Kind of Love?

-As she approached darkness fell away, she became more pale as if the dawn of day. A hunger grew inside she could not explain.-.png

She was nothing but a handmaid, poor and beggarly. Dirty and shameful, nothing to be desired. Bound by fear, hate, and apathy. Her master was cruel, kept her exhausted and fatigued. She did not believe in love. She did not believe in fate. She had no hope. She had lost her way. She despised those who were happy. She saw the world as fake. She was disappointed in everything around her for not bringing her joy. She looked upon shining ones but did not understand their ways. They were peculiar beings – otherworldly. They seemed to have joy. Faith in one unseen. They were unselfish and laid their lives at the Invisible One’s feet. This was unlike other people she had come into contact with. These shining ones were authentic, not fraudulent in any way. They wore no mask nor hid their face, but their light shined bright. The light blinded some and disrupted their view. These people were outcasts and only a few. As the maiden gazed upon these people of a different kind, she felt a ache within as if one grasped her very heart. As she saw a woman bow her soul to earth prostrate before their King, she knew not this kind of adoration that was indebted yet at complete peace. How could anyone be so in love they would give their everything? True love was this sacrifice – something she had never seen. As she stared in wonder, the King looked the maid’s way. As His eyes met hers, she felt her breath escape. A pain overtook her as if one severed her very being. She felt guilty, ashamed, and unclean. She wished to be hidden, unnoticed, unseen. The King beckoned her to come hither without an audible word, just a compassionate gaze.  As she approached darkness fell away, she became more pale as if the dawn of day. A hunger grew inside she could not explain. Upon approaching the King, her strength began to fail – she was too weak to continue her pursuit. She fell faint and burrowed her fingers into the sand afraid to let go. She soon became blind to the world around her and cried out in dismay. “I have failed!” she screamed with what felt like her last breath. The King met her there, when all hope was lost. She felt release as the King upheld her and embraced her in His arms. She felt as if she would burst from the ecstasy within. A ray of light pierced her outer appearance and soon ensued her – she became a shining one just as those she had adored. Oh what kind of love is this! That hurts yet satisfies every need! He looks upon her as if she is flawless – beautiful in every way. He is jealous over this fair lady that was so recently just a maid. What did she ever do to deserve this sort of passion – this unwavering affection from the very depths of His being. Who is she but a maiden enraptured by the King? The damsel holds to her new love as if He was her very life. She is no longer a maiden but a bride.



Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah! Because of his great mercy he has granted us a new birth, resulting in an immortal hope through the resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah, from the dead

-1 Peter 1:3-


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