Gomer’s Theme

Dirty I was – an adulteress through. I had lived my life indulging every pleasure. It had left me stained. Covered in ornaments to disguise my filth, a masquerade that fooled no one. Oh the shame of it all – I wince at the thought. He found me in my humiliation and asked for my hand. I objected as how could someone as beautiful as he be seen with me. He took not no for an answer. He loved me to the depths of his being and cared for every need. I could never return as my love was so weak. With every gift, ingratitude crept in. I soon became bitter – though he met every concern to the fullest, I missed the independency. It seemed as if I was fading away and he was becoming everything. I ran to my old ways- whether out of fear or lust I am not sure. I soon fell further beyond what I had been before. Even more defiled than at the first. I ran out of food, was naked, and had no name. I used pleasure for profit and was consumed by apathy. Oh that I had not left my love – was I truly so blind! How could he ever love me now – as I had become so lost. He sought and he found me, giving his all. He never wearied of searching, his heart to the quest. When he saw me I was on a display of disgust- the object of men’s corrupt desire. I had bankrupt myself into a debt I could not pay – I now was a servant in the worst of ways. He looked upon me with compassion, not condemning in any way. How could he look upon me with his eyes still so full of love. He had been nothing but perfect and I rejected him and ran away. I cried out as I began to realize what I had lost with no chance of return so I felt. His next action amazed me. As I stood there in shame awaiting my next offer of lascivity, he made his bid for what was already his. He spent his all so he might have my nothing. He outbid the contenders and rescued me. Filled with embarrassment, I shuddered awaiting his word. Yet he embraced me and kissed me as if nothing was wrong. I now feel the love that I was once so numb to. How could you not fall in love with one as he? To purchase something that was already his but that had so selfishly ran away from his adoration. Yet here he is without demeaning thought, not ashamed of his company – the  darkest in comparison to his purest light. I am overcome with amazement. “Kiss me,” I scream as I am overcome with unworthiness. My love embraced me and kissed me so sweet I forgot all that had occurred. The past was forgotten as if his became mine. Love had overcome death, as that is what I felt I should be. Oh how indebted I am to my love! I knew not this love could exist. Yet here I am enraptured by him he is mine and I am his.


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