Entry 5/18/10

Let Him kiss with the kisses of His mouth. His lips are like lilies dropping with sweet smelling myrrh. Oh, Won’t you kiss me? For Love is as strong as death. Jealousy as cruel as the grave. The coals thereof are coals of fire with a most vehement flame. Draw me and I will run. Here I am, dark but comely. Lord, where doest thou feed? You say, “Follow Me.”

My spirit sleeps but my hearts awake. He knocks on my door and says “Open to me.” I’ve already cleaned myself up and got comfortable here. But I am moved as He sticks out his hand. As I open the door He has already gone. I will follow him, I will run. By the watchman I am beat and bruised. But I’ve found my Love.

My spirit longed for you when you knocked upon my door. Daughters of Jerusalem, I’m sick of love. I am His and He is mine. He is the one I desire. He feeds among the lilies. H appears as the morning.


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