Clarity and focus doesn’t always come from God or inspirational quotes. Usually, it takes your mother to slap the reality back into you.

She attempted to seize a breath but found her efforts futile. The purposelessness of life suffocated her. Hopelessness encaged her as a small bird in  a trapper’s ruse. Consciousness fled from her being and fate gave the impression that her very life was being brought to an end. All her senses diminished as dusky shadows became her attire. Her existence as she knew it, had departed. Everything she once loved had no meaning. She was numb. Astonishment overcame her as a sweet acceptance of death emerged. When all was black and not one heartbeat was heard, then a miraculous work began taking place. A whisper as soft as the wind was heard imparting life. A small beam of light  exhibited itself. Glimmer soon became gleam until luminosity ensued. She gasped for air but swallowed something of a diverse origin, unlike any inhaled breath she had savored before. The taste of this new life was sweet. The more she experienced of this dissimilar subsistence, the more she craved and desired it. She felt a dividing between all she once was and this that she had become. It was unlike her person; another essence. The altogether otherness was the source of the appealing  draw. A piercing pain was felt as the two different creations severed, but still an overcoming peace that everything was alright. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon she could not budge. As the new life of the butterfly swept over her, this was the hardest part – being still. A breaking down and going into pieces was in place. Finally, a snap heard in the hard casing – a new life had emerged. What she once was- was no more. Something not of herself had blissfully taken over – an altogether new creation. The beauty of what had ensued made all the terrible suffering  worthwhile.


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