How rare it is in this evil generation to find one with a glimpse of light. Flickers are few and far in between even. The world has grown dark. Is there no light shining anymore? No love or hope to speak of? I wonder at times. But then FINALLY you will see a glow, a sparkle so to speak. The person could be a complete stranger but because they have the same light in them, you feel like you have known them forever. Those without it would never understand. They may even think you insane or obtuse. But the feeling is real… the love between fellow Christians. I feel at times like I am on the verge of busting open… just wanting someone to share with. My thoughts, his love. I look for the longing heart, the eyes with sorrow held back. Hope is still here in the hopeless world and I know the secret. The great secret that brings even strangers together.


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