Who am I?

Who am I? Moses said it. David said it multiple times. I could feel their unworthiness in myself today. It has been a hard time for me recently. Life seems to be imploding, caving in. Everything seems hopeless and I a complete failure. Even those around me. There seems to be a lack of victory, of life. I feel like wrestling with God until he gives my the why of it all. As I struggle within I cannot help but recall the words God spoke when I lost my sister, “my ways are not your ways neither my thoughts  your thoughts. My ways are above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts.” Those words begin to reverberate in my mind. The thought “where were you breaks in?” It puts me back in my place. Who am I? Who am I! How dare I question God almighty?! Has he not gotten me this far. So I will hold to what I know. I will cling to the praises of blessings of days before knowing such shall be again yet greater.



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