The One

I may be alone but I am not lonely. I may be only one but I have The One. No doubt I have had times of despair when no one could be tangibly felt, but He had taken that place of waiting and wanting and filled it with Himself. So I am okay and so are you, though we may not have that person to hold. Because we are in the hands of the Almighty God and that is the greatest love story told.



Have your joy

I have another kind

You may “only live once”

But I have eternal life

I may not have fortune, friends, and fame

But I know my Lord and he knows my name

So I watch as you live your life to the fullest

Never paying him any mind

But those who have life will lose it

And those who lose it will find

Eye has not seen

Ear has not heard

What waits for those who wait

So have your joy 

Mine lasts and is real 

It’s not temporary or fake

Masks are worn to hide the truth

The truth you know deep down

That your joy is not joy at all

And you’re just waiting to be found

Loneliness entraps you

As a boa constricts its prey

You’re haunted by your past regrets

So you numb them to keep them at bay

It may be a lover: whether object or being

To fill the gaping hole

But you can’t deny there is this great longing 

Of purpose in your soul

So have your “joy”

Though you now begin to see its ruse

That your joy is truly no joy at all

And that’s the cold, hard truth

“The bitter must come before the sweet

And that also will make the sweet sweeter”

So my sorrow now will turn to joy 

And my heart filled hereafter