Trusting Him

Exo 16:8 And Moses said, This shall be, when the LORD shall give you in the evening flesh to eat, and in the morning bread to the full; for that the LORD heareth your murmurings which ye murmur against him: and what are we? your murmurings are not against us, but against the LORD.

Here is Israel, just making it to the wilderness of Sin. God had just done wonderful, amazing things and gave them quite the deliverance from Egypt. He had set them free from their oppressors. And yet so soon after, as soon as things got hard, they began to complain and murmur against God. You have to think these people are the most ungrateful individuals – however, to be honest, how often do we do the same thing. We seek God, He delivers us from our trial, and then so soon get complacent with the “good” being the “norm.” As soon as the trial eases up, we ease our hold on Him.  “The Lord heareth your murmurings.” The thought pierces my conscious. How often have I done such? God hears our unspoken, subconscious thoughts that constantly doubts his ability to continue to meet our needs. Another note is how often when their is a struggle or pain of transition we blame the brethren. So often a leader of sorts or the one who is seeking God the most and not relaxing their hold is the one persecuted! When we murmur, “I don’t understand why I hav to constantly look to he Lord and involve Him in EVERY decision – it seems impossible” or “They are too radical – there is no way to serve God that separate from the world-  mean we cant change the times or practices of modern day society.” These are just some light examples. But our “murmurings are not against (them) but against the Lord!” To allow that root of bitterness to spring into our hearts that first doubts God, then leads to untrust and death, and lastly hardness and rebellion – is detrimental. We must be wary of falling back in to the old “normal.” Comfort zones. Ruts. We are not like everyone else in this world who can just live life! In fact we are called to be separate. To be like Christ. To be a friend of the world is to be in enmity with God! Have we forgot the holy words of the bible. Even that word – “HOLY” in its origin means to “be separate.” Words we so often take for granted and assume they mean lack of sin are more than that. Holy. Pure. Separate. So many words that just truly mean to be different.

What did God do in this situation? He gave them what they wanted! He didn’t even began to argue. It would have gotten nowhere with the natural man – fighting against the flesh. Instead they ate to their glutenous desire. And when he offered something of Himself – Manna (a representation of Christ Himself), they would not have it. It did not suit their fleshly appetite. It tasted strange. Did not satisfy them in the way they desired.

Exo 16:28 And the LORD said unto Moses, How long refuse ye to keep my commandments and my laws?
Exo 16:29 See, for that the LORD hath given you the sabbath, therefore he giveth you on the sixth day the bread of two days; abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day.

Keeping God’s laws and his commandments are staying focused on His Word – which is again Christ Himself (See John 1) and what God has spoken through Him. He has taught us how to live life – as Christ. Jesus lived his daily life according to the Father’s will Constantly making every move only as it was in that will. Keeping the Sabbath is not about keeping some physical day – It is about resting in Christ. Sabbath was to point to Christ! – as most things in the old testament (the sacrifice, the temple, etc.). What we can glean from all this contemplation of this chapter of Exodus – is to trust God and to walk in Christ, seeking his will in our everyday lives, whatever that may lead us through. God will get us through it – even as miraculously as he delivered them prior from the Egyptians. We just must never let that root of bitterness or enmity against God began to bloom in us. No untrust but to cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for us (as Peter said.)

God help me in this! Help us all! To trust you with our whole hearts no matter how things appear or seem. To trust that Your ways our above our ways and Your thoughts above our thoughts.