We Are NOT Okay

We are not “okay.” Everything is not “fine.” This week I have had my eyes opened when they had become dull. I listened to David Wilkerson’s A Call to Anguish. The thought as already in my mind – but he brought to words so eloquently moved by the Holy Spirit. Christians have become passive. There is no anguish in our midst! No men and women of God who seek him, travailing in prayer- not just a “flash of emotion” but “weeping, mourning, fasting” as Wilkerson pointed out. He spoke of used men in the bible. God called them and did not make them prosper – he broke them to use them. They had to feel his feelings, be burdened with God’s burdens.

Christians are focused on the good and have the mind set of whatever will be will be. This is a passive type of thinking. Is that how Jacob approached God when he was scared to face his brother?! No! He fought with God, wrestling in prayer and fighting with God until he had saw the face of God. We often give up before we get the answer! I am guilty of this myself. I have changed. I have lost the anguish I have previously felt. I am not burdened enough! Where are the tears of my travail in prayer – absent? Have I lost my fire that burned before? How often in the old testament they lost their fight! I am telling you as Christians today – we have too! Do you fast? Do you seek God until He answers? Do you seek God at all in prayer? Can we even hear his voice any longer? Do you even get into His presence? Or do you believe God no longer does that? How sparse are individuals that do know God like that. If things are not born of agony, they are more than likely the flesh – our own will and way, what we desire.

God give us that cry! Let us feel your pain for the current condition of Your people! Let us sense the burden you have for the coming of Your Son. Break us Lord – bring us to the end of ourselves!